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Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Disney Audition!

Alright guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while BUT on March 8 I attended a Disney audition in Charlotte, NC. Although I can not tell too much about it, I can give y'all some advice for preparing and a overview of what we did. First thing is how to prepare. You do not need a headshot or resume for this audition unless you are auditioning for a full time role. DCP roles do not require a resume because you do not have to have any previous experience and they will take pickets of you themselves possibly. Next thing is what to wear. There were a lot of dancers there so obviously there were leotards everywhere but if you aren't really a dancer then some leggings and a tighter workout tank or shirt or even a t-shirt is fine! Although I am not dancer, I have had some dance in college for my major so I had dance shoes which are the best but some people were in tennis shoes, socks or bare foot. You want to wear tighter clothes so they can see how your body is moving! Brighter colors too! For girls, your hair should be out of your face. I had mine half up and it was fine. As for piercings, take them out! I took out all of my piercings especially my nose ring because you aren't allowed to wear those when your on the job at Disney anyway. Next, you should have a bag with a snack or water bottle because you don't know how long you could be there! If you have attended  an audition before then you know what to bring. On the day of my audition, it started at 10:30. I went into the dance studio at 9:45 and I got in line for check-in. Check-in was just posting our information down and getting a number! I was 97 :) When I got in line I started talking to this guy and girl and we are friends now and plan to hang out when we get to Disney! You want to talk to people because Disney loves to see you interacting with others! As for the audition, we learned a simple dance and performed it. Right after, the 197 people that were there got cut down to about 30! Disney is really specific with every audition so if you don't get through it, it's okay! I was cut after the first dance but I am going to keep trying for sure! After the audition, I went to the Disney store and that made it all better :) If you have any questions at all, just reach me here!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

DCP: Acceptance!

I waited anxiously to hear back from Disney after I completed my phone interview. Every single day I would check my dashboard just hoping for a response. I had received an e-mail the day after my phone interview that decisions would be made by April 20th. APRIL 20TH? I could not wait that long! To pass the time I found a lot of vlogs on YouTube. I still watch them and I have my favorites! If you would like to know who they are just comment below! Anyways, February 19th I was sitting in the library waiting to go to class watching vlogs and someone in a video mentioned the Facebook page and how she saw people with the same first letter of her last name getting accepted and she went on onto her dashboard and she had got accepted. Now, I did not think that was how it worked but I don't how Disney does it so I decided to find the Facebook page for Disney College Program FA/Fall 2015. When I got to the page, people were posting their acceptances and of course I was looking at the letter of their last name but their were no B last names that I seen. I started commenting on people's acceptances and telling them congrats and commenting on other posts that were people who were not accepted yet. As it got closer to class time I decided that was not going to spend too much time on the page because I did not want to overwhelm myself because the anxiety of waiting was bad enough! I thought to myself all the time that I was not going to get in. It was too good to be true for me. But, I still have a little hope deep inside. When 3:05 rolled around I went to my English class and I sat "listening" to the talk about our readings the night before. At 3:15, I looked down and I saw an e-mail pop up from Disney recruiting and there it was! In all of its glory, an e-mail that read CONGRATULATIONS! I immediately smiled and thought OMG this can not be real! I had an hour of class left and let me tell you it drug by as I was trying to keep the tears back! I went to check my role and I was given merchandise! I wanted to tell everyone about it but I was glued to that seat and still I have no idea to this day what the rest of our lecture was about! It was finally 4:20 and I ran out of the class room and called my mom and we both freaked out! My boyfriend was so happy for me too, we went out to celebrate that night! I only waited 2 weeks and 2 days to hear back and I am so thankful to be given this opportunity!