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Saturday, February 28, 2015

DCP phone interview process and tips!

Oh my goodness, the phone interview! When I received the e-mail after my WBI, it said that it was now time to schedule the phone interview. It gave me two available dates and I chose February 6th at 1:30 pm! Now, what was the phone interview and what did it consist of? I had no idea! I went straight to YouTube and look up videos on the phone interview process and what it was all about. I found some very useful tips from people in their videos and if I could thank them all I would! Now, how does the phone interview process work? First, you schedule your available day and time. Then, you study up! I went to the Disney internship page and click on everything and read about everything. From the Disney look to Disney housing! You are going to want to study the whole website and become familiar with it because they could ask you anything on the phone. I made notes for my interview and some things I included was my top 5 roles, my work history, and a brief overview about why I wanted to do the Disney College Program. The interviewer can call you up to 30 minutes before to after your phone interview so you want to be ready in a quiet spot with good reception earlier than your scheduled time. When she called, at 1:28 pm,  I was super nervous. I answered with "Hello, this is Shelbie" which is exactly how everyone should answer the phone but with your own name of course! :) She answered back with her name which I did not understand because she was talking a little fast. Try and listen very carefully for their name because you should use it again when you say thank you or nice talking to you or something like that. Next thing we talked about my application and that everything was correct and it was so she moved on to my work history and we talked about the two jobs that I had in the past. Now, in some interviews I had watched on YouTube, the interviewer would ask what are you top 3-5 roles but in my interview she asked me in which roles would my work history help me succeed better in and naturally mine was merchandise because I work in retail and have a good bit of experience in it. Also, I said character attendant and character performer. Now, character performer is something you have to pass an audition to do so she asked me if I was attending one and I said I was and it was on March 8th in Charlotte, NC and she said she was going to put my name down and they would be expecting me. After them she ask some general questions such as: why do you want to do the Disney College Program, do you work better in a group or independently, how would you handle customers in bad weather, what would you do if you had a difficult customer, have you had roommates before, were your roommate experience overall good, do you like to work at a pass pace or slow, can you work outside or inside, etc. I tried to answer all these questions to the best of my ability with out saying um or like. DO NOT SAY UM OR LIKE. It is just not professional. Lastly, she asked me if I had any questions for her and you ALWAYS want to ask them questions no matter what it is. I asked her how classes worked with work schedules and how she got started at Disney. They love to talk about their experiences and how they got started and I was interested to hear. When she finished, she told me thank you for interviewing and to continue checking my dashboard for a decision when it was made and that was that. My interview only lasted for 18 minutes and she told me at the beginning it would only last up to 20 minutes so that was a good amount of time. Right after my interview, I received an e-mail saying thank you for interviewing and the wait began...

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