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Saturday, February 28, 2015

DCP application process!

They didn't open the website for applications until January 26th! I was in the library on campus and received an e-mail that the Disney College Program would start taking acceptances that day. A couple hours later, in English class, I decided to apply and give it shot. I mean, why not? I filled out the application and it was like a  regular job application. At the beginning it had me create a username and password for my dashboard which I would log into on Disney Internship's page to keep up with the process of my application. After, I got to the portion talking about each role they offer. Now, I had no clue what the application process or the interview process was about going into it. I went into the whole process on a whim. When I arrived to the positions, it had me go through them all and rate each one as highly interested, interested, or no interest. So, I read through them and after I finished I submitted the application about 3:30 pm. When I got out of my last class for that day, it was 5:45 pm and I checked my e-mail and I had an e-mail from Disney internships saying we would like for you to do a wed based interview for us, so that was like an assessment test that some companies make you take before you are considered for the job. I went home and did the WBI and every single question was timed and you only had about 20 seconds to answer the questions. The questions were general and real basic questions about how you are in the workplace and describing you. I completed the WBI in about 30 minutes and then right after received another email for a phone interview. A PHONE INTERVIEW?

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